The Unexpected

Yesterday was a good day until I walked into my basement last night, then disaster hit! The whole basement flooded!! Water up to my ankles as I walk to my laundry room. As I enter my laundry room, I see water spraying everywhere! My thoughts were all over the place, I scream for my husband, he comes down, automatically he starts yelling. Somewhere in between the yelling he shuts off the water, the pipe to the water heater busted! My thoughts were, 7 people in my house need to shower, what the hell are we going to do. My husband proceeds to call emergency plumbers. Finally, he gets a hold of one. Feeling relieved. Guess what!!! The one we get shows up drunk to our house and breaks our pipe even worse!! Anxiety coming, my chest feeling tight. What are we going to do? Absolutely nothing until 8am, that’s what.

So I took a bath in water I poured into a bowl. Heated it up in the microwave. Not the most relaxing bath I’ve ever had, but it did the trick.

8am comes around. Plumber shows up. 9am he runs for parts, 945am another part run. Ugh!!!! 12pm another plumber shows up and says the whole water heater is shot, we need to replace it. Wait! What? Took you 4 fricken hours to figure that one out!!! Now I wait…..again…….

New water heater finally installed at 2pm. Now its scrub up the mess time since I have hot water again. So much for my daily schedule today. Hahaha. I did get some work done but not a lot.


Make a beautiful day everyone. (I know mine finally got brighter.)



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