My grandma made me start reading when i was 4yrs old. I’ve been reading non stop ever since.

Reading is important.


Reading teaches you everything you need to know. Seriously! It does! Without reading, you’d never learn math and all other school subjects. Pretty much every thing in life involves reading.

The teachers want our kids to read 20 mins a day. Yes, it can be a pain, but its the most important skill you need in life. So don’t just sign the calendar that says your child read. Make your child read. They need it. Whether its learning, or to escaping the sometimes cruel reality in this world.

Reading makes you smarter, that’s a fact. If your child reads everyday, their grades will improve. They will understand their subjects better and start to excel. Your D student becomes a C or even a B student and so on. They may even graduate the top of their class and get in that prestige college. When they grow up and have kids of their own, first thing they will do is teach them about reading. I did. I ended having kids early and never finished my schooling. (Big regret) But while I was in school I was taking college courses. I read ahead of my class and tutored younger kids. I deeply believe reading did that for me. I believe all kids should read and adults for that matter.

Reading enlightens the soul. Teaches you to solve problems. Gets you lost in that romance that makes you cry towards the end. Reading teaches us almost everything. Hands on learning is good too, not saying its not. I also know some people struggle to focus while reading, but I truly believe there is a book for everyone out there.

Whether you believe it or not, make sure your child reads, watch their scores go up and listen to their teachers as they praise the progress your children make. Then you can tell me how right or wrong I am. I challenge whoever reads this post to make their child read 20 to 30 mins daily for 3 months. If they don’t improve in school then tell me, if they do improve tell me that also. I’d like to see how the little experiment goes. Make sure you watch to see if their reading. Kids will be kids and they will pretend. I give my kids books that I can quickly read or already know so I can quiz them and make sure they are reading.

Reading can soothe the soul.

With that, as always, make your day beautiful and shine like the stars you are.



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