You may have been told you need to make a schedule when you have bipolar and/or have kids. It took me years to realize having a schedule will and does actually help.

Looking back I wonder how I even survived without a schedule. I also remember how tough it was and still is to keep a schedule.

I know when I was first told I needed to have a regular schedule, I pictured having a temper tantrum. Lol. Honestly, I still feel that way at times. I’m not sure that feeling will ever completely leave me.

Scheduling your life is hard, whether you have bipolar or not. Especially hard when you have 5 kids like I do, then you throw my bipolar into the mix and it feels almost impossible. I get it done though.

Having my google calender on my phone is a life savor. All my kids sports can just get transferred there from the website. (Whoever invented that is just genius.) I also have a happy planner. My happy planner has my schedule, meal planner, finance budget and more. I love it. I use facebook and Google to plan parties which is cheaper then mailing invites and extremely convenient. Pretty much have my life planned out. Yes things come up, and when they do, my system gets a little out of whack. A little anxiety hits, then I breathe and take a moment to push my schedule around a little. Sometimes its not possible, so I just move stuff to another day.

Whether you like schedules or you don’t, its a must have as a parent and especially when your bipolar. I know, sounds like I’m preaching to the choir, and I’m not saying put your life on hold and make a schedule. Although, I am saying that it does help and does ease your anxiety. Trust me, I was the most unorganized person alive. My unorganized life was giving me panic attacks, lorazepam was my best friend. Now, I occasionally get one but nothing like I used too. They usually come when I’m suppose to be at 3 sporting events at the same time. Lol. Which that can’t be helped unless I become 3 people, and we know that’s not possible. Lol.

Anyways, my dogs are due for a walk, so I’ll wrap this up. Schedules and meal planners will help ease your stress, especially when your a bipolar parent. Yes, you hate the idea of sitting down and doing it. I know, I’ve been there. Trust me, you will feel better once you start.

Take care, and remember to make your day beautiful!


“Procrastination isn’t your friend.”


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