My story


First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Desiree or Des. I’m a mother of 5, married for almost 10 years now and I have 4 fur babies.

My life has always been a roller coaster, all the back to my earliest memories. When I first realized I had something wrong with me, I was 16yrs old. My parents were in a ugly divorce, so the counselor diagnosed me with depression.

It was 5 yrs later, I was 21, pregnant with my 2nd child and in the mental hospital, that I was first diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder. It would be another 5years after that, that I would also be diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, anxiety, panic disorder, ocd and adult Adhd. So in short, I’m a hot mess. Lol

Present day, I’m 39, a lot more together then I was all those years ago. I had a problem with quiting my meds and going extremely manic, but with my husbands help, I don’t miss a dose anymore. He gives me my meds every morning. Sometimes I act out, kinda like a child, but he’s super good about it. He reads about Bipolar and is learning how to handle me when I go thru the changes. (Manic) All in all my moods are getting regulated, stress is getting better and my kids are all in the loop and know mommy has her days when she isn’t mommy, well normalish mommy.

My kids are in sports, so I’m super busy with traveling teams, training, packing them for weekend away games and so on. The crazy, makes me feel more normal. I actually enjoy the chaos. I’m disorganized and a procrastinator, but I somehow keep all the sports regulated. We have games and training 5 to 7 seven days a week. My google calendar is my best friend. Lol

I’m also a animal lover. I have currently 2 dogs and 2 cats. Soon I’ll have another puppy in the house. My dogs are pure breds and my cats I rescued. They keep me busy during the day. My boredom is what gets me in trouble. So the busier I am the better. I not sure if anyone else with bipolar 1 feels the same way or not.

Aside from my animals and kids, I help my hubby run his business since I know longer can work away from home. My moods cause me to call into work and lose jobs. I had a boss, from comfort keepers accuse me of stealing and said my bipolar could of caused it. Never even apologized when she found out the client made it all up. That was my last job, and my anger for her caused me not to go back. It was the worst to feel that discriminated, just because i was bipolar.

Anyways, in short that’s my story. I’ll get more detailed as I blog about certain topics. I wish you all well and I hope that you find yourself at ease as I open up and give pointers about how living with bipolar and other diagnoses doesn’t need to leave you in bed or depressed about life. I say embrace the inner gifts you get with your Diagnosis and live free from the depressing stigmas.

Until next time, make your day beautiful, and shine like the stars you are.



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